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Beth O'Neill, PCC is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) credentialed Leadership Coach and accredited C-me Colour Profiling facilitator.


Beth has 10+ years working in leadership roles and has supported 20+ organisations in the UK and Europe by helping leaders level up their leadership with a coaching approach. Previous clients include: HSBC Life, Quiet Storm and Technically Write IT. 


Beth is also the Co-Founder of SMUK London - a beauty and lifestyle studio in Belgravia London, where she hosts Women in Leadership and SMUK Life: women's lifestyle events. Find out more about the next SMUK Life event. 

Leadership coach, Beth O'Neill, leads a coaching programme


I'm Beth.


Thanks for checking out my work. I'm delighted that you're here and, intrigued by a coaching approach to leadership. 


Discovering coaching in 2016 was a lightbulb moment for me. My world changed overnight as I realised how my natural strengths, my interest and my energy fit coaching like a glove.


My coaching journey began as a Life Coach offering one-on-one coaching to individuals. But I soon discovered the power of coaching for organisations as a core leadership capability through training with MOE (Coaching Culture at Work) and Resurgo. This is where my passion and commitment to a coaching approach to leadership was born. 

My mission is for every leader to learn and adopt core coaching, communication and facilitation skills. I’ve seen the impact that these skills have to transform individuals, teams and whole organisations. Once you see it, you can’t un-see it, and I'm truly passionate about giving people the tools to unlock and maximise untapped potential. 

I love what I do because I get the opportunity to coach and train some of the most influential people in the world in the most impactful leadership skills they could ever learn. These are skills I wish I had in my early career. 

My approach is hands-on, creative and thought-provoking providing a unique environment for leaders to discuss and practise coaching, communication and facilitation skills and walk away with a transformational toolkit. Clients say they mostly value the practical nature of my sessions and the live coaching feedback they receive as its so immediately applicable, and gets results. 

My unique programmes offer a holistic, tailored and transformational experience with wrap around support through one-on-one coaching, an e-learning platform and refresher sessions to continue learning. 

My team consists of some of the most energising, experienced and empowering certified coaches I have come across and I love coaching alongside them.

When I'm not coaching I'm spending time with my wonderful husband and 2-year old son, renovating our house, chasing the sun and attempting to surf!

CORE Leadership is a practical group training programme for leadership and management teams within your organisation. Walk away with a transformational coaching, communication and facilitation toolkit to unlock new levels of performance for your team.

A 12-week programme for female leaders launching this April through a combination of in-person and online training. Grow in confidence through adopting coaching, communication and facilitation skills to own your seat at the table and empower your people. 

Unlock and maximise your leadership potential with one-on-one executive coaching. Our customised coaching approach provides you with the time to think and tools you need to achieve personal, professional and organisational success.


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