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The Coaching Culture Programme

Leadership coach, Beth O'Neill, leads a group coaching programme
Leaders are placing postits on a whiteboard at a coaching event

At Beth O’Neill Coaching we believe that a coaching approach is at the core of effective leadership, enabling all leaders and managers to unlock higher levels of performance for themselves, their team and organisation. 

The Coaching Culture Programme is a practical group training programme up-skilling everyone in your organisation with transformational coaching skills. 


You will:

> Explore individual, team and organisational development

> Practice and receive live feedback on core coaching, communication and facilitation skills and

> Walk away with a practical toolkit, implementation plan and ongoing support to create a coaching culture in your organisation.

Thanks to Beth’s practical insights and concrete tips and techniques, the team is now enabled, empowered and chomping at the bit to get stuck into the next level of growth.
Sinead Healy, Senior Leader, Technically Write IT

Programme Pillars

1) Unlock potential 


Build trust and psychological safety, a coaching mindset and strength-based approach to leadership to facilitate self, team and organisational development.

2) Communicate with influence


Understand yourself and others, celebrate diversity and develop a strong executive presence to confidently communicate, lead and influence upwards, sideways, downwards and outwards. 

3) Facilitate impactful meetings


Increase engagement, collaboration and decision making in your meetings in alignment with your organisational objectives. 

Manage stress, build resilience and share constructive

feedback that transforms difficult conversations into positive, proactive and trust building experiences 

4) Navigate difficult conversations


5) Create a Coaching Culture


Improve strategic thinking and operational delivery, facilitate impactful annual appraisals and year-round effective meetings and build high performing teams that model positive coaching behaviours that help your people to maximise their full potential. 

Pre and post-programme one-on-one executive coaching sessions enable leaders to explore their strengths, areas of development and leadership style, work on an individual development plan and receive coaching, support and accountability to unlock their leadership potential. 

Leaders also receive an individualised high performance C-me colour profile to gain insights into the most effective way to communicate, influence and collaborate. 

We run leadership training programmes for management teams as well as optional all staff workshops to equip the entire organisation with coaching skills and a shared language to help create a company-wide coaching culture. 

A coaching approach is a proven strategy for driving behavioural breakthrough and achieving success. Research shows that employees crave meaningful development opportunities, a sense of purpose and supportive leadership. A coaching approach, using International Coaching Federation Core Competencies addresses these needs so you can expect your team to start performing at their peak, as a result of this programme. 

A coaching session with matcha latte and coffee

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