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Executive Coaching

Unlock and maximise your leadership potential with one-on-one executive coaching. Our customised coaching approach provides you with the time to think and tools you need to achieve personal, professional and organisational success. 


Through a series of hour-long one-on-one coaching sessions, online or in-person, tailored to your unique goals, we provide the support and challenge you need to be the most effective leader you can be, and thrive throughout the process. 


Whether you're seeking to lead with clarity and confidence, develop greater engagement, refine your team strategies, or navigate complexity, our experienced coaches are dedicated to helping you achieve tangible results for you, your team and organisation.

Portrait of Beth O'Neill, a leadership and executive coach

Coaching with Beth was rewarding and so worthwhile. It blew my expectations in everyway. I would come out of the sessions with solutions to the problems I was facing and felt empowered to solve them and supported every step of the way. 
 Anneka Wallington, Founder 

The Beth O'Neill Coaching Approach


We will actively listen to your concerns, challenges and goals. Through thought-provoking questions, we will help raise your self-awareness to explore new perspectives and solutions.

Time to think

The sessions will provide a safe and confidential space for you to stop, reflect, and understand yourself and your team at a deeper level.

High support and high challenge

We will listen, empathise and seek to understand as well as offer constructive challenges to help you grow.

Activating responsibility

We will guide you to take action, make good decisions and empower others, whilst keeping you accountable.

Practical approach

We deploy a practical coaching approach combining coaching with practise and role play to help you develop coaching, communication and facilitation skills to develop your team.

Book a discovery call

Book a discovery call to find out how we can support you and create a tailored programme for your team.

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