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The power of coaching to maximise your potential.

Updated: May 8, 2023

This week, around the world, many people are celebrating the positive impact of coaching for the 25th year of International Coaching Week – an initiative by the International Coaching Federation.This year’s theme is: explore your potential and I wanted to share my thoughts around how to maximise your potential through coaching, for those who are yet to experience the power of coaching.

I have 3 questions for you around your potential:

1) Have you ever had coaching or explored your potential?

2) What percentage of your potential are you currently activating?

3) What untapped potential (unique qualities, strengths and creative ideas) are hidden that could be explored through coaching and developed into something successful?

Perhaps you want to start your own business, get a promotion or write a book. Perhaps your potential looks like more of something: freedom, confidence, influence, creativity, joy or health and what you really want is to spend more time with family. Or perhaps you don't know what your potential is. Yet.

What’s holding you back from maximising your potential?

Many of us hold back due to fear. Or, we lack: self-awareness, motivation, time, knowledge... [insert yours].

For years I wasn't maximising my potential. I was working hard and slowly going after my dreams but I wasn't confidently sharing my ideas or stepping up. I was hesitant, insecure and feared what people thought of me. I could see a future confident version of myself, but struggled to get there.

How do you maximise your potential?

Through my journey of coaching, I have come to realise that the best way to serve others and live a fulfilled life is to:

  1. Explore your potential: what you really think, believe and want, what gives you energy and what you're capable of.

  2. Step into your potential: reframe limiting beliefs, step out of your comfort zone and grow.

Now I'm a full-time coach doing a job that I love and helping others to maximise their potential too.

I still have moments when I doubt my potential, but luckily I have a coach who I regular check-in with, or I coach myself. Coaching doesn’t guarantee overnight success, but it does create a path to help you maximise your potential.

What is coaching?

“Coaching is partnering in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximise your personal and professional potential.” – International Coaching Federation

Coaching is a partnership. The coach actively listens and asks open-ended questions/uses tools and techniques to help you to grow in confidence and self-awareness, overcome limitations and activate your responsibility to meet your goals. The agenda is completely yours. The coach believes in you and helps you to believe in yourself.

The power of coaching

The power of coaching is in its ability to unlock your potential. Sometimes it’s in the mic-drop-moments of a coaching session when you uncover a blocker that’s been holding you back for so many years. And other times it’s in the small incremental steps that you take on your coaching journey, through commitment to action and accountability that causes major break-through.

How does a one-to-one coaching series work?

Typically the first session involves taking a helicopter view of your life/career and discovering the areas you want coaching in and what success looks like for you. Each coaching session then works towards those goals culminating in the final session where you discuss how to sustain the incredible results you've achieved.

One-to-one coaching works best as part of a coaching series over a period of months. This is so that trust can be cultivated and you'll have the space to progress on your goals inside and outside of the sessions.

Is coaching for me?

There are many reasons why someone hires a coach. Here are some examples:

  • Fulfilment at work (dissatisfied).

  • Clarity and direction in life (overwhelmed).

  • Comfortability with conflict (people pleasing).

  • Confidence in a new role/starting a new business (fearful/imposter syndrome).

  • Healthy relationships (boundaries/trust).

  • Work/life balance (anxious/pressurised).

  • Health (unmotivated).

If you feel stuck (or any of the above), want more and are ready to take steps to maximise your potential, coaching is for you.

A life coaching session with a coach and a client
One-to-one coaching session

Coaching is not counselling, therapy or mentoring.

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