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Level up your leadership with a coaching approach.


Coaching, communication and facilitation training and executive coaching programmes. 


ABOUT Beth O'Neill

Beth O'Neill, PCC is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) credentialed Leadership Coach and accredited C-me Colour Profiling facilitator. Beth has 10+ years working in leadership roles and has supported 20+ organisations in the UK and Europe by helping leaders adopt a coaching approach to leading empowered teams.

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A practical group training programme for leadership and management teams within your organisation. Walk away with a transformational coaching, communication and facilitation toolkit to unlock new levels of performance for you and your team.

A 12-week programme for female leaders launching this April through a combination of in-person and online training. Grow in confidence through adopting coaching, communication and facilitation skills to own your seat at the table and empower your people. 

Unlock and maximise your leadership potential with one-on-one executive coaching. Our customised coaching approach provides you with the time to think and tools you need to achieve personal, professional and organisational success.


Incredible clients using a Coaching Approach to Leadership

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“As a result of Beth’s coaching and training, I can see a motivated, energised and happy senior leadership team and workforce. Adopting a coaching approach to leadership has enhanced our culture and made a positive impact.”

Brian, Chief Executive Officer

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